Yvvy Seven (Yiv-y)

Yvvy Seven (He/Him)

Yvvy Seven is one of the little survivors of the destruction of his home universe, self-designated keeper of said universe's history. He's since resolved to move on and carry the history of his destroyed universe until his last breath, to honor all those unjustly erased.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Yvvy is fit, but not buff. Although his ability to shapeshift freely makes it slightly irrelevant

Identifying Characteristics

No matter what form he takes, he will always have his scarf, even as a plant.

Special abilities

Yvvy has many abilties, a lot learned from his travels back in his home world, however his main abilities are 1. His scarf, wich is a manifestation of his soul, and has many abilities of its own, mainly to serve as a third, extensible arm. 2. Light magic: Manifested as spears, contact bombs. 3. Shapeshifting: Yvvy can freely shapeshift his entire body or specific parts of his body into anything living, even plants. 4. Time manipulation: Yvvy can manipulate time, most often to rewind or slow it.

Apparel & Accessories

His notebook, wich is enchanted to have many anomalous properties, such as: Infinite pages, Untearable, Readable only by Yvvy, Always by his side.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yvvy is a generally kind, caring, and rightful character. He's intelligent, tactical, and creative, although very much in touch with his emotions. Although, ever since the destruction of his universe, he has unchecked anger issues and trust issues, the latter due to events in the metaverse. In battle, his specialty revolves around being unpredictable and coming up with tactics on the spot through observation, although he will generally avoid going for killing blows.   Yvvy's story started in his home universe, where he was born into a typical family. His father was a facadia, a race of angel-like beings designed to be keepers of the universe's history. He never met his father but got a notebook enchanted specifically for him as a gift. As signs of his half nature became more apparent, Yvvy decided to leave his home to avoid his family trouble and started traveling, meeting many interesting people and learning many things and skills, as well as satisfying his desire to learn about history, as facadias fascinated him, until he reached Aug. city and settled down for a bit, unaware that this would end up changing his life.   In Aug. city, he settled down to take a history course at the university. Although before any of that could take place, the city barriers and eventually the city itself began going under more and more attacks from monsters from the forest, as well as a rift to the Metaverse opening up in the center of the city. However, before he could do anything even to attempt to cross it, a war spanning across the metaverse invaded the city. As a last resort, Yvvy was told to go to space and sit by the Crystal Heart, an entity stabilizing the universe, to shatter it if the defense were to fail, acting as a universe reset to avoid being invaded. Yvvy did not need to shatter it; however, through the exposure to it, Yvvy became a Crystalborne, a temporal entity with potentially infinite power within his universe. However, he wasn't comfortable with it all, leading him not to maximize his new potential. Eventually, a universe-size disaster started happening. Yvvy, who saw it as the best solution, attempted to commit a universe reset to delete the event, accidentally shattering time as a whole before everything went back to normal and the event was successfully retconned.   However, shortly after this, his universe was deleted in a way he couldn't have seen coming or prevented. He was saved and dragged into the Metaverse, his crystalborne nature disappearing due to the crystal being deleted along the way, but his facadia half holding onto the time manipulation powers. When Yvvy woke up, he quickly realized what had happened and broke down. His entire realm had been deleted by some bored god ruling over it. He lost all motivation to do anything, as his one duty had been stripped from him permanently, until his university dormmate, who had already moved on, gave him some words of encouragement. A newly determined Yvvy stood up, ready to move on, for the sake of those who were unrightfully deleted, ready to be the keeper of the memory of his universe. He immediately started writing down the entire detailed history of his universe in his notebook as he was brought into Asimov temporarily, along with another remnant of his universe and friend, Tina Aseroth.   He eventually found a new job, working for REDI, or The Imperium as a scout. His first mission was to find and bring a man by the name of Franklin Matera. The mission went smoothly, although Yvvy got double-crossed twice within it. He also met Olivia Sky, who would be a companion to him for a while. Afterward, he was sent to Azeroth, where he ended up helping out the Horde in their impending conflict with the human troops. However, along the way, Olivia abandoned him as he was about to rewind time to save a watch post of orcs, causing him to toss Olivia, who went into her gem form, away and break down, having trusted Olivia. Now with trust issues and more emotional damage than ever, Yvvy was more determined than ever to save the timeline from the planned fate of a killer all-out final assault. He went on through every step, encountering Raggrum, Eliza Branwen, and their group along the way before finally confronting Admiral Proudmoore and, with their help, knocking some sense into him, effectively changing the fate of the timeline. He then had a spar with Charlotte Svengali and won by using his many skills to play mind games. However, before any of them could comment on the spar, a horde of undead stormed the castle. The humans and Horde were able to fight them off, but a new threat came to their vision, Arthas, the undead prince. As the different groups prepared the assault on Arthas' castle, Yvvy offered to help fetch some more allies but was told to stay at the castle, where he did some research about Aspects and caught up with friends from his universe while waiting.

Mental Trauma

Yvvy's main mental trauma is the destruction of his home universe. He also has trust issues after being betrayed thrice in a relatively short timespan.

Personality Characteristics


Yvvy believes no one holds the right to abuse control over innocents' fate and will defy Fate at any given opportunity. If he encounters someone who holds malicious control over innocents, he will not hold back. Generally, he will look for the least destructive option and show kindness to strangers in need of help, although the latter is less likely due to his trust issues.

Personality Quirks

Takes a step back when surprised, tends to keep his hands inside his sleeve most of the time.
Entity ID
Power Classification
Neutral Good
Current Status
About to face an undead king
Current Location
Date of Birth
July 2nd
Presented Sex
Yvvy is ace and aromantic.
Brown, medium, messy
Aligned Organization


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