There are almost an uncountable different forms of magic that exist within the metaverse, From the 4 mana types of the planes residing within the Dawn to the extremely potent universal magic called Cycle Magic. There are more types of magic than there are stars in an earth replica's night sky. But what if I told you that there was a form of magic so ancient and arcane in nature that it even rivals the power of the mythical primal aspects? Seems a bit far-fetched, doesn't it? Go ahead and take a seat and have a drink while I tell you about


So what exactly is Alchemy. Well, very few know its true nature. Some say it's the original spark of life that spread across existence, and people called Alchemists have learned to manipulate the spark and give it shape and form. But beware if you try to wield it yourself. The powers of alchemy are so potent in strength and power that the very use of its power will start to wear on the mind and soul of the caster. The forbidden art was not meant for mortals to toy with, and as an old friend had a habit of saying: "All magic comes with a price!" I hope for your sake that when the bill comes due, your ready to pay it.


Wielding alchemy is said to allow for creating all things in exchange for something of equal value. Even souls are said to be no exception to this rule. Souls transmuted using alchemy are called Phantoms. The powers of Alchemy itself are actually split into two distinct forms. The powers of Alchemy and the powers of darkness. The powers of alchemy allow for summoning spirits of warriors long past. They also can be used as a type of energy for powering alchemical devices. The pinnacle of these devices is the Sacred Stones, 7 Ancient and powerful relics which contain an immense amount of alchemical energy. No one alive today understands their makeup. Though there have been attempts throughout history to replicate the processes used to make them. Few, if any, have succeeded in that attempt. There are some similarities between the energy makeup of the ancient Sacred Stones and relics produced by the Collective for Scientific Advancement as part of a now-defunct project called Project Infinity. There are two ways someone can get access to this ancient power. Most people use a relic known as a Philosopher's stone as a medium to channel the mythical power. That being said, if your will is strong enough, you may catch a glimpse of a hidden dimension known only as "The Door." An enigmatic being that goes by the name Ouroboros will show herself to you if your will is strong enough to wield the gift she will bestow upon you when making a contract with TRUTH. Alchemy has been explained as a blank canvas that the wielder reshapes to their will and desire. As such the gift granted to the wielder via the contract has been known to differ from person to person. Someone who wishes to protect the world and those around them will be granted the power to do so. Someone who wishes to be able to avert a future catastrophe will be granted the power to do so, most notably the gift of foresight.

The Price

The forbidden art was not meant to be wielded by mortals. Its power is far too great for them to handle. You must be quite strong-willed to be given access to this power. Even those with the strongest of wills could eventually have their mind break down. The upgrade for the powers of alchemy "the powers of darkness has a much larger price to pay. Those who wish to gain access to the powers of darkness must put a part of themselves inside the door, where it will remain forevermore. But by paying this price, you can tap into a much stronger yet darker power source. Allowing for summoning alchemical demons or even becoming one yourself if you fully give in to the powers.


Little is known about the history of the power itself. Recent studies around the lost continent, however show that the power of alchemy has an older brother known to natives as "SpiritBonding." Only those from the Sephira tribe were able to utilize it, however. After asking the current protector of the tribe about it, he said this:
The keys to the ancient power of Spiritbonding have been lost even to us ever since Sephiron was lost to the darkness and had to be put into an everlasting slumber.
Attempting to ask him to explain more about the lost power or its connection to the power now known as Alchemy just gets no response. Asking about who Sephiron is will just get him to say condescendingly:
Not exactly a who. If you don't know her by that name, by any chance would you recognize the title "Mother of All?"
He refuses to clarify when you don't reconize that tile, though, which could mean the inhabitants of the lost continent know more about the original spark than we do today. The Original Spark? Ah, thats a story for another time. Most natives from the lost continent consider alchemy the Forbidden art, and even went as far as to outlaw its usage across the entire continent. Only one group is allowed to legally use its power. They are known natively as the "Holy Order of Babel". But as with most other things, just as there is light, there must also be shadow. Another less benevolent group lies within the order, known natively as "The Corpse".
Power Classification
Risk Classification
And thats all there is to know about the mystical power that is Alchemy. Feel free to stop by if you want to learn anymore about the metaverse.


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